Tonight one of SPSW’s spotters noticed a herd of deer huddled against the median overpass at the I-80 / Highway 40 East exchange. There was absolutely no chance that the deer would be able to cross the traffic lanes without causing cars to swerve and likely take out the entire herd (the herd moves together so the first deer to cross would have led them all onto the highway directly into oncoming rush hour traffic).

-Zoom to see them behind the white truck, huddled against the onramp from Highway 40-

Thanks to our spotters, and dozens of phone calls from other citizens, 911, UHP, and Park City Police were all made aware of this dangerous situation that was underway.

After approximately 2 hours with no response from law enforcement, one very brave UHP officer stepped up to neutralize this dangerous situation. This officer understood that if the deer moved across this very busy highway during rush hour – that the outcome would be fatal. He bravely slowed traffic long enough for the deer to be able to proceed off of the freeway, avoiding any accidents.

We applaud the UHP officer who went above and beyond, to save all of the motorists in the corridor from harm, and especially for giving this family of deer certain rescue. Bravo UHP!

This story is just another example of why SPSW continues to fundraise to close ALL the gaps that remain between the Jeremy Ranch entrances / exits all the way to Highway 40. Please consider donating to help us avoid future wildlife / vehicle collisions.

-Here they are off of the Highway – safe!-