Letters: Wildlife overpass needed on S.R. 224 near McPolin Farm Opinion | November 13, 2019

Letters: Wildlife overpass needed on S.R. 224 near McPolin Farm

Wildlife overpass needed on S.R. 224

I am joining many other concerned citizens to voice safety concerns regarding travel along the dangerous S.R. 224 to and from Park City.

The facts are that there has been a 201% increase in Park City’s population since 1980 with no provision for wildlife mitigation on S.R. 224. Studies have concluded that the area between mile markers 7 and 9 is one of the top hot spots within Utah for vehicle and wildlife collisions. Since safety is a top priority for UDOT, then now is the time to act as it is reported that over 17,000 people commute to Park City daily for work that do not reside within the city limits. Summit County is a popular destination for recreation enthusiasts year-round and keeping the flow of unharmed motorists, cyclists and wildlife moving through this natural migration corridor safely should be a top priority. The recent attempts at lowering the speed limit and placing digital signs have not been effective and the speed limit is hardly being enforced. We need to provide a permanent solution for safe passage for both motorists and wildlife.

We advocate for a wildlife overpass on S.R. 224 across from the McPolin Barn area that will provide increased motorist safety. During a previous 13-year study in the state of Utah, it was reported that the cost per wildlife collision fatality is approximately $5.380 million and over 14 accidents/wildlife collision fatalities were reported. Clearly this wildlife overpass would pay for itself with just one accident avoided and save people’s lives! It is an opportunity to create a beautiful welcome to visitors at the gateway into Park City. What would be more memorable: a herd of elk crossing over S.R. 224 on the wildlife overpass as you drive into town, or animal carcasses left dead and strewn along the highway?

Thank you for your immediate attention. Let’s work together as a community to protect all who travel here.