There are some concerns.

View the KSL news coverage here:

Why did the news coverage simply imply that this was a spectator sport and not provide complete information as to why the elk herd was being “moved”?

What is keeping the elk herd from moving back downhill to the country club from which they were “moved”? There is snow in the forecast nearly every day this week. Their instincts tell them to move to lower ground as snow accumulates…

If there were crossings and wildlife mitigation components in place (fencing, underpasses, overpasses, cattle guards), the animals could move back and forth freely and not put themselves or motorists or DWR officials at risk.

But, if there were crossings in place, where would the animals go? We have successfully developed their winter grounds (open space) save a few golf courses that provide sufficient area for them…

This is a dilemma. We need to find creative solutions so wildlife and people can coexist.

Please email us or comment on social media so we can brainstorm effective solutions together.

Thank you.

Erin Ferguson, President

Save People Save Wildlife