Save People Save Wildlife hopes to answer some basic questions about our group, here. If you would like more information, please email us at savepeoplesavewildlife.org

Are you a registered non-profit?

Yes. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Where are your offices located?

We are an all-volunteer advocacy organization, based in Park City Utah. Because we are all volunteers, we do not have an operational facility.

Are you looking for more volunteers?

Yes, of course!  Please specify what skills you would like to contribute, such as “grant writing experience” or “I can set up an educational wildlife program at my child’s school”.

What type of volunteers are you in need of?

We need all types of volunteers! From Administration volunteers to “on the ground” ambassadors. We need volunteers who can help us spread the message, far and wide, that the State of Utah, Summit County, and Park City are unable to fund the much-needed Wildlife Fencing (and other mitigation) to keep wildlife and vehicle collisions to a minimum. We need folks who can write grants, lobby, fundraise, assist with social media, attend public events, and help us with strategy to help us to close these gaps.

Why should I donate to Save People Save Wildlife?

Do you, your friends, your family, drive Interstate 80 between Silver Creek Junction and Jeremy Ranch?  If so, you can do your part to help make the interstate safer for both motorists and wildlife!  You may not be aware that the fencing and cattle guards END near Kimball Junction. There is no funding to place cattle guards at the busy Kimball Junction entrances and exits. There is also no funding to place fencing along the remaining 3/4 mile gap from the Jeremy Ranch exit to Kimball Junction. There is also no funding to place fencing along the gap from the Kimball Junction exit to Silver Creek Junction.  This means that wildlife will continue to walk straight onto the freeway, into the path of speeding vehicles. Wildlife fencing, cattle-guards,  and wildlife crossings (over or underpasses)  must continue throughout this vulnerable wildlife corridor to meet the existing wildlife fencing out of Wanship Canyon and Highway 40.

Where does my Donation go?

Because Save People Save Wildlife is an all-volunteer organization, we keep the “cost of business” low.  The majority of our donations go towards the installation of wildlife fencing along I 80 in the Snyderville Basin area.  Our additional expenses are basic and serve only to keep our Non-Profit permit active, to run a basic website, and to distribute educational materials to the community.

Donated funds will be used to continue our direct mitigation and advocacy efforts focused on CLOSING ALL OF THE GAPS that will ultimately keep Park City residents, visitors and wildlife safe. Funds will be used for the following projects:

  • Additional cattle-guards at  Kimball Junction on and off-ramps (per UDOT estimate, above)
  • Additional fencing from Kimball Junction to Silver Creek Junction (to meet with existing fencing on I 80 and Highway 40)
  • Community education and outreach on avoiding collisions with wildlife
  • Working with local policymakers and law enforcement to encourage reporting of all wildlife-vehicle collisions and expedited attention to injured or deceased wildlife.

With your support we can continue to make the Park City-Summit County area truly safe for people and for wildlife.

Thank you from all of us at Save People Save Wildlife!