UHP Prevented Massive Collisions While Saving a Herd of Deer

Tonight one of SPSW’s spotters noticed a herd of deer huddled against the median overpass at the I-80 / Highway 40 East exchange. There was absolutely no chance that the deer would be able to cross the traffic lanes without causing cars to swerve and likely take out the entire herd (the herd moves together so the first deer to cross would have led them all onto the highway directly into oncoming rush hour traffic).

-Zoom to see them behind the white truck, huddled against the onramp from Highway 40-

Thanks to our spotters, and dozens of phone calls from other citizens, 911, UHP, and Park City Police were all made aware of this dangerous situation that was underway.

After approximately 2 hours with no response from law enforcement, one very brave UHP officer stepped up to neutralize this dangerous situation. This officer understood that if the deer moved across this very busy highway during rush hour – that the outcome would be fatal. He bravely slowed traffic long enough for the deer to be able to proceed off of the freeway, avoiding any accidents.

We applaud the UHP officer who went above and beyond, to save all of the motorists in the corridor from harm, and especially for giving this family of deer certain rescue. Bravo UHP!

This story is just another example of why SPSW continues to fundraise to close ALL the gaps that remain between the Jeremy Ranch entrances / exits all the way to Highway 40. Please consider donating to help us avoid future wildlife / vehicle collisions.

-Here they are off of the Highway – safe!-

Wildlife Bridge Off Limits to People and Pets

The following article and broadcast from KPCW highlights UDOT, DWR, and SPSWs message that Wildlife will not use the Wildlife bridge if there are people are pets using it too. Our goal is to “Keep it Wild” so that the animals will be sure to frequent the overpass. Cameras will be installed so that DWR and UDOT can enforce No Trespassing ordinances. Violators will be cited.


Wildlife Overpass Opens!

Today UDOT hosted the opening day for Utah’s very first wildlife overpass. This new overpass will now give wildlife another option besides crossing over busy I-80 in Park City, which runs directly through their migratory path.

This new overpass is strictly for wildlife use; humans and pets are prohibited from using this bridge. UDOT and the media are now kicking off an educational campaign to ensure that wildlife can safely use this overpass without human intervention.

Together, thanks to this new wildlife overpass – we should all travel safely through this beautiful, busy corridor.

See today’s news stories below:




We Did It!

Thank you volunteers, supporters and our community for your tremendous support of Save People Save Wildlife during this community’s biggest day of giving.

Save People Save Wildlife is delighted to announce that on November 9, 2018 alone, we raised over $13,000.00 toward the repair and installation of new fencing along our dangerous Park City I-80 corridor.

Combined with our previous donations, we are certain that we’ll soon see results, and close the gaps.

All of us at Save People Save Wildlife hope that you know how grateful we are for the support, and we hope that our roadways will soon be safe for all travelers – those with feet and those with paws.

Thank you!

KSL Covers SPSW and UDOT I-80 Improvements

We are grateful to KSL for covering at length, the developments in Wildlife safety mitigation along I-80. In this story, you’ll see the extent of disrepair (or non-existence) of fencing that lead to over 80 wildlife / human collisions in just a few short years. SPSW, as advocates for our community made a direct impact on helping to accelerate repair and vast improvement of safety measures for all who travel through the area.


Elk Herd Shuts Down I-80

Prior to installation of the Wildlife bridge, Lambs Canyon was an absolute hot spot for Elk, Deer, Moose and even Bears along (and on) I-80. In early 2017, a large herd of Elk found themselves bedded in the middle of this heavily trafficked corridor. In an unprecedented move, the Department of Wildlife Rescources, along with UDOT and law enforcement, shut down 1-80 for 30 minutes while they all attempted to move the herd to safety.

Watch it all unfold here with Good4Utah’s exciting coverage.



SPSW Presents $42,000 Check to UDOT to Expedite Wildlife Fencing

After a very successful fundraiser was launched by Save People Save Wildlife, we were able to present a check to UDOT to being wildlife mitigation efforts along I-80. We are grateful to all of our donors and supporters for the tremendous outpouring of funds that would allow UDOT to expedite wildlife fencing along I-80.

Save People Save Wildlife to present $42,000 check to UDOT at open house