Mitigation measures such as wildlife crossings and corresponding fencing have been shown to reduce animal vehicle collisions by 70%-90% where placed. We are the only nonprofit that directly donates to the UDOT to build these life saving wildlife mitigation measures.  Join our fundraising efforts today!

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Every year during migration season, elk, moose, and deer attempt to cross SR 224 in Park City, Utah. Motorists regularly collide with these large animals, causing death, injury, and thousands of dollars in property damage. We are currently advocating for wildlife mitigation measures for SR 224. Add your voice to the petition today!

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Between 2008 and 2017, nearly 89% of car crashes in Utah were a result of wildlife vehicle collisions. These collisions result in death, injury, and approximately $138 million annually in property damage. If you have a story of how wildlife vehicle collisions impacted you, please share it with us today.


Community involvement is crucial to ensuring wildlife crossings and other mitigation measures are funded and installed in Utah’s wildlife collision hotspots. We work with individuals to set up in-home or online meetings to discuss the benefits of wildlife mitigation measures and how to advocate for them. 

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Over 1,000,000 vertebrates die on U.S. roads everyday. Unfortunately, not all wildlife deaths are counted. Collision data is vital as it helps state agencies determine where wildlife mitigation measures are needed. If you are aware of any wildlife deaths resulting from a collision, please report them here.

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